Dreaming of Summer Skin

Summer is almost here and I can feel the excitement in the air. The wanderlust, the free spirit, and the overwhelming desire to drop everything and absorb the sun's rays. Lately, there's nothing as nourishing as quiet moments outdoors. DC has been exceptionally rainy, but I still sit and appreciate the warm drops, remembering that only weeks ago we were still wearing sweaters.  

Watching our garden grow and our pup blossom from a winter curmudgeon to a peppy "outdoor dog," I've come to realize Summer is as much a time of transition as any other season. My skin has responded to the changes, and I've finally gotten brave enough to test out some lighter products for my (usually) dry face. If you're looking to bench your rich winter serums and butters, here are some of our summer facial skincare favorites:

Soul Sunday

Right now, we love Soul Sunday's collection, including their cleanser, toner, exfoliant and moisturizer. This lightweight lineup is great for most skin types and is especially nice for anyone looking for a gentle, nourishing and balancing skincare regime.

The soap-free cleanser, Ricewash, is aloe and lavender-based and will help prevent the stripping of the oils naturally present in your skin. Paired with the slightly astringent Gentle Toner (which, by the way, smells incredible), you've got a light but effective cleansing and hydrating regime. Gently reveal freshly buffed skin with coconut and clay-based Seacliff facial exfoliant, and then apply Bougie Lite, a quick-absorbing roll-on facial serum with jojoba, squalane and fatty acid-rich raspberry seed oil.  

Josh Rosebrook

If you're looking for sun protection, we can't stop singing the praises of Josh Rosebrook's SPF 30 Nutrient Day Cream (with tinted and untinted options). Nutrient Day Cream is not like your typical greasy, stinky sunscreen: instead, it has a surprisingly light texture that is still moisturizing and sun protective. Pair with the Hydrating Accelerator and Cacao Antioxidant Mask for a luxe skin food. Ps: we just added travel sizes for the mask, hydrating accelerator, and Lift hair volumizer!  

Essential Apothecary Alchemist

Everyone's favorite small batch line, Essential Apothecary Alchemist, is also a wonderful option for summer. The cleanser and toner will help protect your skin from breakouts while encouraging moisture and healing. Lush, a creamy facial moisturizer and one of our most popular products, is a great alternative to serums. Packed with hyaluronic acid, aloe, rose geranium and an array of essential oils, this entire skincare lineup offers lightweight texture with high impact outcomes. Many folks with breakouts and oily skin find success with this line.  

Have you tried any of these lines? We'd love to hear your thoughts or questions below! Happy summering...


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