On a Swing Among Trees

Earthwise Beauty

Allow us to introduce you to the newest product in the Earthwise Beauty collection: On a Swing Among Trees. This seductive mist is actually a serum, and it's inspired by resins that are dry and restorative. It has a completely unique base of artisan distilled turmeric hydrosol, which is renown for its soothing and anti-inflammatory powers. Frankincense, myrrh and copaiba round out the resin profile to heal breakouts and nourish tissue for improved elasticity and clarity. It is ideal for mature and oily skin and oily skin with acne, and imparts a more matte and soft finish than its more hydrating counterpart, Nap in the Meadow. 

Why We Love It

-This serum-mist is a dry serum in a liquid format that strives to deliver a very natural skin feel when you touch your face: the skin is matte, perfectly soft, well-conditioned, springy and alive, and dry—not oily, coated, or sticky from products

-Utilizes a very progressive plant ceramide–cholesterol complex that has been scientifically proven to boost the functioning of mature skin

-Includes myrrh, frankincense, and rose, which have been used since antiquity to prevent and soften the appearance of wrinkles

-Reduces inflammation with chamomile, copaiba and turmeric

-Anchored in Ethiopian opal and garnet gem essences. 


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