Lip Treatment: Lavender

Laurel Organics

Why We Love Laurel's Lavender Lip Treatments
  • Soft and gentle, this lip treatment glides over the lips
  • Olive oil softens while calendula and yarrow work to heal and restore
  • Blend of lavender and calendula leave a floral and herbal scent that calms the mind


How to Use

Apply a small amount of Lavender Lip Treatment to lips at any time.

Begin use within 18 months of manufacture date on the bottom of the jar. Use within 6 months of opening.

Keep contents of jar dry and free of moisture, water, or contaminants. Store product away from light and heat in order to best preserve antioxidant contents. If product melts in transit, this does not affect product performance. Simply allow to come down to room temperature, and texture will be restored.



Olive Oil˚, Jojoba Oil˚, Beeswax˚, Rosemary Extract˚; House Made Whole Plant Extracts of Calendula˚, Comfrey˚, Lavender˚, Yarrow˚, Self Heal˚, Marshmallow˚; Essential Oil of Biodynamic French Lavender˚ ˚signifies certified organic ingredient