Heirloom Pumpkin Mask


Why We Love Skincando's Heirloom Pumpkin Mask:

  • Crafted with heirloom pumpkin, organic maple syrup and glycolic acid.
  • A tingling exfoliating treatment that brightens, tightens and hydrates your skin.


How to Use:

Apply small amount to cleansed skin for 3-5 minutes up to twice a week. You will feel an almost burning sensation for the 1st minute and then it will automatically subside. Rinse with cool water.



heirloom pumpkin puree*, bilberry fruit extract*, sugar cane extract*, maple syrup*, mandarin orange extract*, lemon extract*, distilled alkaline water, vegetable glycerine*, glycolic acid, vitamin e*, glucolactone, meadowfoam oil*, vitamin c, ceylon cinnamon*, ginger root*, allspice*, nutmeg*, rosemary*, extra virgin neem oil

*certified organic

How To Use

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Coming soon.