July 3, 2018

Founder Favorites: Natural Products for Baby



You may have seen my recent roundup of founder favorites for new mom beauty & skincare from our first year, so now I’m reviewing my favorite natural products for baby! Truth be told, I didn’t use much on Lily when she was first born – and I still don’t! I think often the less is more approach is best for their sensitive skin. That said, there are a few natural products for baby I loved using with her, or that she seems to enjoy:


1. Min Erbs Wild Fennel and Chamomile Baby Oil

Lily is obsessed with this bottle of blue-green baby oil, and I think it’s because she sees how much I love it! We apply this after our shower, right before bed, with a little bit of baby massage. The texture is exactly what I want on her soft skin: delicate and understated, it is never greasy or heavy. It sinks in instantly and moisturizes with gentleness. The sweet scent of chamomile helps lull us both to sleep.




2. Hazel Village Organic Dolls

Lily adores her two Hazel Village friends, Oliver Mouse and Lucy Owl. They are visually and texturally interesting: with handmade organic clothing and sewn on details, she has plenty to engage with! She loves pointing to Oliver’s eyes and nose now, but early on she mostly like to chew on them – and I felt okay because they aremade of organic cotton. These dolls are collectible and each have a little back story – they’re the sweetest! Ps: they hold up in the wash very well!


3. Erbaviva Baby Shampoo

Simply put, this shampoo is gentle and effective, and it never bothered Lily’s eyes. We used it as a body wash (though Erbaviva makes a baby wash, too) so it was a great 2-in-1 product for us. As a cleanser, it never dried out her skin and it kept her long hair nice and soft. Because her hair is long, we wound up washing it pretty frequently (because lots of food ended up in it at each meal!) so I was really thrilled at how gentle and effective the shampoo was.



4. Badger Baby Sunscreen

This city baby loves to be outside! We always keep a tube of Badger’s SPF 30 sunscreen with us so she can be free to run around without me worrying about sunburn. Some people consider this to be a thick formula – they aren’t wrong! But to me, it’s reassuring because I can see where she has sunscreen and more importantly, I can see the spots I may have missed.




5. You!

The first few months of Lily’s life, she interacted with you, our lovely customers, every single day. She loved seeing your smiles and giggles – when she gets to spend time at the shop now, she is thrilled to see new folks walk through the door that she can smile and wave at. Thank you for being the sweetest community to this mom and baby!


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