March 8, 2017

Interview with Raaw in a Jar


Thank you to Trice Christensen, Founder of Raaw in a Jar, for taking the time to chat with us about her exciting lineup! The Plankton Enzyme Creme and Laminaria Eye Cream have been so well loved, so we thought we’d share more with you! Use code RAAW at checkout and save 10% on purchases of the collection – plus receive a travel size bottle of the best selling Algae Hand and Body Wash!


1. What was your inspiration for a seaweed and algae-based line? 

I met this amazing 70 year old french chemist who has been my skincare “mentor” over the last year. He told me about his family in France who are wildharvesting seaweed and algae near the french coast. Our chemist takes the seaweed and algae and makes it into extracts, gels and powders. I found it so interesting and made my own research. I found out that seaweed and algae have more concentrated nutrition than vegetables grown on land… also that seaweed and algae contains very potent, concentrated antioxidants. It increases skin hydration, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and diminishes redness and irritation. The benefits of seaweed and algae are unbelievable! After I tried it on my own skin, I had to make seaweed and algae our new star ingredient. We’re now working with the french chemist and we get all the seaweed from his family in France. Hence the name “The French Seaweed Collection”.

2. Tell us more about your favorite ingredient in the algae collection. Why do you love it? What makes it so special? 

It’s hard to say – all seaweed and algae species have powerful benefits. BUT if I had to choose I would say Laminaria Digitata. The nutrients in Laminaria reduce redness and inflammation and provides deep hydration to soothe and repair dry and damaged skin. Laminaria helps to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin and protects against damage from free radicals. I guess that’s why I also named our Eye Creme after it 🙂


3. We love the hand & body wash… tell us more about how you came up with this unique product!

I wanted to make a natural soap that made your skin feel soft after you use it. Most soaps strip your skin from oil and leaves it dry. I added coconut oil and shea butter to the formula and pumice to exfoliate the skin gently. I even feel like you don’t have to apply moisturizer afterwards. I use it on my face too – the perfect face scrub.


4. Do you have any tips on how best to use the eye cream and face cream? Do you pair them, or use one at night and one during the day? 

You can use them however you like, it’s how you prefer it really. Me personally though, I love our facial oils during the day mixed with our Laminaria Eye Creme and then I always use the Plankton Enzyme Creme at night. If I have something important or I look tired, I use the Eye Creme all over my face as it tightens the skin a little bit and then dab a drop of one of the oils on the checks and voilá – you look like you’ve slept 10 hours with the perfect glow!


5. The lotion is so lightweight! How do the ingredients allow for hydration and moisture without feeling heavy? 

It’s a long and complicated explanation, but mainly it’s because seaweed and algae provides deep skin hydration without feeling greasy and heavy. (I love this lotion – it’s beautifully scented but the texture is what makes it really incredible! -Becky)


6. What’s next for Raaw? 

We are coming out with a cleanser soon – a cleansing creme. It’s being stability tested at the moment, so it should be ready in a few months. We are also working on a seaweed mask and an ocean-friendly sunscreen – so stay tuned 🙂


7. Tell us more about you! What’s your background and how did you find yourself making skincare? 

It all started when I moved to New York. I was living a healthy life, ate organically and took good care of myself  – except when it came to the beauty products I assumed I was pampering myself with every day. For some reason, I never thought about all of the harmful chemicals they contained and they actually go straight into our bodies.

One morning I woke up with a horrible rash on my face – it came from an expensive high-end brand I trusted. The skin around my eyes was purple, wrinkled and flaky. It was horrifying. In that moment I decided I wouldn’t ever put any harmful chemicals on my skin again. If I didn’t understand the label, I simply wouldn’t buy it.To me, and as I found out later – to many other women out there, I had a more holistic concept of “beauty” than what I could find in stores. I wanted a beauty routine that was good for my skin, my body and my environment. I searched for a line of pure, efficient skincare in elegant packaging that I could also afford. I couldn’t find it – so I made my own. 

I began studying herbal medicine and the healing properties of plants and herbs as practiced in traditional Chinese and Eastern cultures. The first product I developed was the “Miracle Oil” – named after the miraculous power it contained and healed my eczema with….and that’s how it all started. There was no “tree-hugging” moment. I simply created RAAW in a Jar because I believe in the long lasting benefits of organic sustainable products.

Thank you, Trice!