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Our Mission

We passionately believe that our daily routines offer the ideal opportunity to slow down and participate in moments of calm and revitalization that we all need in order to be our most beautiful and compassionate selves.

To that end, it is our mission to offer a space that invites you to meet your skin and self care needs with effective and thoughtfully crafted organic, natural and plant-based products for face, body and home. From gentle cleansers and luxurious facial masks, to aromatherapy tools and inviting, we endeavor to offer you goods that allow you to be fully immersed in your personal care routine moments.

Take Care offers a selection of effective, natural and independent skincare brands that embody a thoughtful and gentle approach to cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. Our skincare brands are committed to innovative formulations crafted with only the ingredients needed to be impactful and immersive. Take Care is plant oriented, meaning our collections are primarily vegan with a small number of exceptions for beeswax and honey. We do not sell products containing animal milk or other animal derivatives. Take Care is also  primarily USA-based, with a small number of makers from New Zealand and Canada.