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It's so easy to speed through our day, and especially our personal care routines, without pausing to experience the moments at hand. At Take Care, it's our belief that one's personal care time is an ideal opportunity to slow down and experience the subtleties of routine - from cleansing one's face to dressing for work. 

for self

In search and appreciation of embracing these moments, Take Care offers a selection of effective, natural and independent skincare brands. They embody a thoughtful and gentle approach to cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. Our skincare brands are committed to innovative formulations crafted with only the ingredients needed to be impactful and immersive.

The way we see it, taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be a struggle. Instead of “fixing problems,” let’s nourish. Instead of fighting acne, let’s balance. And instead of defying aging, let’s support your skin’s natural integrity.

& sanctuary

Beyond skin and body, Take Care seeks to offer a collection of lifestyle goods that make the acts of dressing, adorning, cleaning or simply being in one's space, acts of thoughtfulness and compassion. To that end, we are thrilled to partner with small, handmade and often women-owned labels of leisure wear, home care, and personal + home accessories with an emphasis on simple, natural designs and ingredients.

Take Care: For Self & Sanctuary is plant oriented, meaning our collections are primarily vegan with a small number of exceptions for beeswax and honey. We do not sell products containing carmine, animal milk or other animal derivatives. Take Care is also  primarily USA-based, with a small number of makers from New Zealand and Canada. We are here to tell you that we like you just as you are, and we want to be a resource for the kinds of products that make you feel like your best self. 



About the Founder: Becky Waddell

Becky WaddellEmbracing my appreciation for plants and nature, I seek to cultivate a special place in the natural skincare and lifestyle community that celebrates botanical beauty and efficacy. Having grown up in the desert southwest of Arizona and attended graduate school in rural Oregon, I am inspired and comforted by the immenseness of nature - from the scents and sounds, to the palettes of color and pattern that are truly limitless. Take Care is my manifestation of this appreciation; it is my humble attempt to invite the outside in. 



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