Beetroot Lip & Cheek Tint


Why We Love Beetroot Lip & Cheek Tint

-Long-lasting tint for cheeks and lips.

-Water-based formula featuring beetroot extracts to nourish and hydrate skin. Rich in antioxidants, this healthy tint acts as a natural blush/stain and lasts all day.

Ere Perez’s most popular 2-in-1 product, beetroot adds vibrancy to a fresh face or over makeup.


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1. Apply to a clean face or over foundation on lips and cheek areas.

2. With the applicator, apply a small amount to the apple of the cheek.

3. Blend in tint with Ere Perez eco vegan multipurpose brush. Apply extra layers for a deeper shade.

4. Apply to lips in the same way – either over the whole lip area or just in the centre of top and bottom lips. Then blend for your desired colour. Apply extra layers for a deeper shade.


water, rosehip (rosa rubiginosa) oil, glycerin, beetroot (rosa rubiginosa) extract, tocopherol (vitamin E), methylcellulose, blue agave (agave tequilana) nectar, potassium sorbate.