Angle Liner Brush


Why We Love Angle Liner Brush
-Easy to use to achieve a fine liner look on lids and lower lashes
-Pairs perfectly with Gressa Eye Tint and your other eye makeup products
-Helps to simplify the creation of every liner look, from fine + barely there to high impact cat-eye!


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How to use: For a winged eyeliner look, press brush firmly into product. Tap off excess and test the color on the back of your hand to ensure you have the desired amount of pigment. Sweep or press color along lash line working outward to the end of the lash. Flip the brush so the point faces upward and press. This will give you the perfect winged look. For a classic eyeliner look, place the brush on the outer corner of your eye, pressing and wiggling across your lash line toward the inner lash.


100% VEGAN. Hypoallergenic Synthetic Materials. Wooden handle.