Rasin Baby Sling


Why We Love Sakura Bloom’s Raisin Sling
-Made by hand in the USA
-Crafted from two layers of Belgian linen for added support and comfort
-Easy on/off cinch and go makes for an effortless style for busy moms and babies up to 35 pounds
-Comes with silver rings
To use
For newborns: Tummy to tummy (legs out), Tummy to tummy (legs in)
For babies unable to sit unassisted: Hip carry
For breastfeeding
Spot clean: Use a cold, amp washcloth.
Hand wash: Fill a basin with cold water and a small amount of liquid detergent. Gently swish for 1 minute; remove and gently squeeze out excess water and hang dry out of direct sunlight. Machine wash: Wash alone on gentle cycle. Hang dry out of direct sunlight or in the dryer on low setting and cover rings with a sock.
Note: All slings are crafted from all-natural textiles and may lose some of their color with each wash.


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