Vitruvi Essential Oil


Why We Love It:

-100% pure with absolutely no fillers, diluting oils, synthetic fragrances or unnatural components of any kind. They’re also tested on 3 different occasions for purity and potency.

-From Vitruvi: From France to Madagascar, we bring you the best essential oils from around the world. Currently, we work with farms in over 40 different countries and have a regulatory company that ensures all our essential oils are premium quality, steam-distilled and cold-pressed, as well as certified organic for our organic oils. These farms aren’t run by one specific company, so we work with a number of suppliers and a third party certification system to ensure potency and purity with all our products.


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For use in diffuser: put 5-10 drops of desired oils in diffuser as directed by your specific diffuser. Do not apply essential oils directly to skin.


Essential oil.