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Atlas R1 Double Edge Razor

Designer: Above the Tie

$ 198.00

Why We Love The Atlas R1 Double Edge Razor 
-Crafted in Tennessee of 303 stainless steel
-Has a classic “Barber Pole” look and when assembled, weighs 94 grams and is 3¼” long
-Will last several lifetimes; an heirloom quality piece
-Includes handle, top cap, base plate and a free five pack of Astra blades
From the Maker
This tool is wonderfully machined with very tight tolerances. The blade seats precisely in the head with symmetrical blade exposure. This razor is easy to master because the shave angle is very intuitive. In addition the razor “sings” like no other. This audible feedback is helpful in maintaining a proper shave angle. The Atlas R1 is a very efficient yet smooth shaver.
303 stainless steel
Note: Please sanitize razor and familiarize yourself with how to properly shave with a double edged razor before use. Listing is for razor only.

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