Bergamot and Chamomile Hand Sani


We are thrilled to be able to offer a beautiful and organic hand sanitizer. Yield Design Co recently released this 70% alcohol sanitizer that was produced in an FDA approved facility. Yield explains that their sanitizer, "meets FDA, CDC and USP guidelines for in-vitro efficacy against coronaviruses, including COVID-19."

Not just an alcohol spray - it moisturizes and contains soothing organic essential oils of bergamot and chamomile. Two delightful aromatherapeutic additions to this effective product! 

Limited quantities available. Preorders now open; orders will ship on or around April 15. 

Available in 1oz or 4oz bottles. 

A Note on Price
Yield Co is an indie design firm that has quickly pivoted to become a small batch maker of hand sanitizer during this pandemic. They are sourcing high quality and organic materials in a scarce and high-cost environment, and as such the retail price reflects these pressures along with the costs on our end to deliver this product to you, our lovely customers. We are selling this at MSRP and have not increased the price whatsoever. Please remember that every dollar spent on this product, along with all other purchases on our website, directly supports small and primarily women owned businesses, their employees and suppliers. We appreciate your support and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions.

How to Use
Shake to mix bottle, then spray onto dry hands as needed, coating evenly. Rub into skin and allow to evaporate before handling objects.

70% Ethyl Alcohol.
Distilled Water.
Coconut Oil.
Organic Cypress Essential Oil.
Organic Blue Chamomile Essential Oil.
Essential oil and fragrance oil blend.