Eye Balm: Delicate Concentrate

Laurel Organics

 Why We Love Laurel's Eye Balm

  • Gentle but rich balm with ingredients chosen to address fine lines and wrinkles
  • Bilberry, fennel, licorice and nettle reduce puffiness, inflammation, fluid retention and dark circles
  • Lightweight and slightly slippery, this treatment can easily be applied on top of your daily balm or serum


How to Use

Ideal for nighttime use. Only a very small amount is needed. After applying facial moisturizer, apply a tiny dot of product along the bone under each eye.


Shea Butter˚, Jojoba Oil˚, Borage Seed Oil˚, Rosehip Seed Oil˚, Almond Oil˚, Grape Seed Oil˚, Cranberry Seed Oil˚, Beeswax˚, Pomegranate Seed Oil˚, Rosemary˚; in-house biodynamic proprietary blend of Nettle˚, Bilberry˚, Rosehip Fruit˚, Chamomile˚, Licorice˚, Gotu Kola˚, Calendula˚, Comfrey˚, Fennel˚; essential oils of Lavender˚, Bergamot˚, Sandalwood˚, Myrrh˚, Helichrysum˚
˚signifies certified organic ingredient