Eye Love Roll On

Raaw by Trice

Why We Love Eye Love Roll On

-Wakes up your tired eyes with this caffeine-rich, antioxidant eye serum.

-Improves the appearance of puffy under-eyes and brightens dark circles.

-COFFEE SEED OIL: Contains a high percentage of caffeine and antioxidants which makes it a powerful skin toning agent. Our Coffee oil comes from a nifty coffee recycling program, utilizing the whole bean which promotes environmental sustainability.

-GERANIUM: Geranium helps balance the oil production in the skin, improves elasticity and blood circulation that will reduce signs of aging and tighten the skin.

-JOJOBA OIL: Due to its anti-inflammatory effect, Jojoba oil is used to assist in wound healing, treat skin infections and acne. Jojoba has absorption properties that are similar to our skin's own sebum.