Florescent Eau de Parfum


Product overview: These are true crafted perfumes, made to celebrate the world of florals. While the entire collection is certainly floral in nature, each perfume has a unique, sophisticated note that balances out the profile in a delightful way. Crafted with organic grape alcohol and a lush collection of essential oils and absolutes, Florescent is truly a study of botanical beauty. Three scents are available:

  • Gateaux: A mandarin and mint forward amber floral natural perfume, full of heady orange blossoms that soften into a balsamic, incense-like dry down. Elegant and elevating. Notes: green mandarin, rose geranium, spearmint, rose damascena, orange blossom, tolu balsam, frankincense, benzoin, ambrette seed

  • Pretty Bird: A sparkling citrus and soft woods natural perfume with a mellow rosy heart and hint of sun-kissed spice. Comforting and sensuous. Notes: bergamot, bois de rose, rose damascena, frankincense, sandalwood, clove
  • Sundays: A jasmine forward natural perfume with a lush floral body and warm woody undertones. Luxuriant and glamorous. Notes: jasmine grandiflorum, jasmine sambac, ginger lily, sandalwood, frankincense 

Where it goes in your routine: Apply as desired, whenever you want! These are true perfumes, not aromatherapy oils, and as such, the scent will last longer and be more potent. A little goes a long way! 

Who it's best for: Anyone looking for a floral perfume.

Becky's feedback: Florescent is such a stunning and beautiful floral perfume collection, crafted by Susannah Compton, whom is a former DC local and all around lovely person. If you're looking for a heart centered gift to yourself or a loved one, you cannot go wrong with one of these perfectly crafted perfumes. 


How To Use

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