Immortal Facial Oil


Why We Love Para Botanica's Immortal Face Oil 
This beautiful face oil is something special. Whether it's the velvet like texture or the sweet, herbal scent, most skin types will enjoy the benefits of this formulation. 

-Crafted with an infusion of 14 herbs and extracts for skin health and healing
-Includes COQ10 to support a youthful complexion
-Immortelle essential oil soothes and repairs
-Created for normal to dry skins but because of its lightweight nature is tolerated well by oily skins

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How To Use

After cleansing and toning face and neck, combine 1 pump each of Immortal Oil + Immortal Serum, then smooth over face and neck. May be used on the delicate skin area around the eyes.  

Alternatively, dispense 1- 2 pumps of Immortal Oil into your hand and add a few drops of water, then massage into face and neck.  The Immortal Oil will move deeper into the layers of your skin and offer more hydration if combined with our Immortal Serum. 

Blot off any excess with a tissue if you have used more than needed. If your skin is a bit oily after application, use a touch less on the next application. If you are dry after application, use a touch more upon the next application. Follow with a balm of choice to lock in hydration.


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