Jewel Box

Herbivore Botanicals

Just for the holidays! We love this Herbivore Botanicals "Jewel Box" gift set because with it, you can truly explore the collection! With three face oils and two serums, you'll be able to customize your routine and discover exactly which products are right for you! 

The Jewel Box includes: 

1 x 0.3 oz | 8 mL Phoenix Facial Oil
1 x 0.3 oz | 8 mL Emerald Facial Oil
1 x 0.3 oz | 8 mL Lapis Facial Oil
1 x 0.34 oz | 10 mL Prism 12% Exfoliating Glow Serum
1 x 0.34 oz | 10 mL Bakuchiol Serum

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