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Love discussing holistic and skin care approaches with peers and experts to create your own home spa everyday!

It doesn't really need to be said, but this past year and the early part of 2021 have been a lot. It is so incredibly vital that we are nourishing ourselves every chance we get in order to continue to move through these challenging times with a sense of connection with ourselves. 

That's a heavy lift - but if you know me, you know I believe passionately that a responsive, effective and mindful skincare routine can truly benefit your wellbeing through delight, happy skin, and personal time. So, I've created a four-week personal care reset workshop series to help you really understand how you got to where you are with your skincare, how to make better skincare decisions, how to create the space you want to get ready in, and how to fill in the blanks and build a routine that truly speaks to you and your skincare desires. 

We will journal each week in the absolutely stunning Wellness Rituals journal by Wilde House Paper. Each week will feature reflection questions and homework so you are ready to engage with everyone during our Zoom calls. 

This series is virtual but it will live on Zoom with a weekly call with the group, homework, and special guests. The schedule looks something like this: 

Week 1 (Jan 27, 6pm-7:30pm): Understanding How We Got Here. This week is all about reflecting on how we can end up in a state of discord with our personal care routines. This can look like anxiety around skin, too many products, constantly buying products but never being satisfied with your skin health, not knowing how to use the products that you have, and more. We will also begin the path to resetting our thinking and our existing products in order to create routines that actually serve our own needs. Guest speakers TBD.

Week 2 (Feb 3, 6-7pm): Create Space. This week is all about creating the physical space we need to get ready with ease, peace and a little inspiration. We will have a few special guests, including Take Care's interior designer, Veronica Revilla

Week 3 (Feb 10, 6-7:30pm): Dive Deep. This week is all about how to really indulge and connect through more cathartic skincare rituals and experiences. Our special guests include creativity coach Melanie Oulette Carlins and Take Care esthetician Regina Lee.

Week 4 (Feb 17, 6-7pm): Wrapping it Up. This week is about looking back on our three prior weeks together and figuring out what we need in order to really craft our routines and rituals that support our wellbeing. Whether it's products, tools, education or a contractor (lol!), we will help get you on your path to a fulfilling personal care experience. 

The price includes the journal and a gua sha tool (your tool may be jade or quartz). You will also qualify for a range of promotions that are exclusive to workshop members, including special pricing for our private gua sha lessons, skincare consultations + purchases, and facials. 

I have limited this class to 15 seats to ensure the group can actually meaningfully engage during our Zoom meetings. Please sign up early, especially if you live outside DC and need your journal and tool to be shipped.