• Organic Lavender Eye Pillow
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Organic Lavender Eye Pillow

$ 44.00

Why We Love Organic Lavender Eye Pillow
-Soft, cozy eye pillows with organic lavender
-Can be warmed up or cooled down for enjoyment
-Available in 4 colors: Indigo, Grey, Indigo Shibori and Grey Shibori
-Makes a great gift!
To Use
-To heat: Place in microwave for no more than 30 seconds
-To cool: Place in freezer until desired temperature is reached
Care and Cleaning
Please Note: Pattern varies from piece to piece. This item is dyed with natural dyes. The fabric is pre-washed before dyeing and is washed thoroughly after dyeing. CARE: Spot clean with a mild soap and water (hard scrubbing may rub off some of the dye). Hand wash with a mild soap and water, or machine wash gentle/cold. May fade slightly with repeated machine washing. Do not use bleach. Air dry, then iron with a cloth in between, if desired. May fade a little if exposed to direct sunlight. Remove muslin pouch for washing exterior.