Simple Little Mask Mixing Set

Take Care

I am thrilled to introduce you to my very own brand, Simple Little. And, most importantly, our very first product: The Connection Set, a mask mixing kit for parents and their little ones. More than a beauty product, it is a venue for conversation. It includes beautiful honey, soothing oats, a mask mixing bowl and 15 conversation cards that include conversation starters on kindness, mindfulness and personal care. 

For so many adults, we're re-learning what personal care means after decades of marketing that said we needed to look, feel and BE different than we were to be worthy.  We are learning that skincare can be fulfilling personal time. It can be compassionate. It can be an invitation to ourselves to be kinder to ourselves, and in turn, kinder to others. I want that to start for our children now. Today. They have enough to face - let's invite kind reflection into their big hearts as they begin their journey into a new future.

Although this set has always meant more to me than "just a mask," it is also a really incredible product. Let me tell you more! The set includes: 

Petal Honey, an 8 ounce glass jar of raw Maryland honey, which has been slow infused with organic roses and organic calendula for the most soothing and gentle treatment

Herbal Oats, a 4 ounce glass jar of fine milled organic oat flour blended with organic plantain, organic marshmallow root and organic calendula 

Mixing Bowl, a petite ceramic mask mixing bowl, handcrafted by a local mama

Conversation Cards, 15 cards with simple prompts about kindness, mindfulness and personal care that are meant to gently invite conversation (recognizing you can't force little ones to talk about anything!) that you can use initially - and then see where the conversation goes! 

I recommend this for older toddlers (4 years+) through early teens. It all depends on your kids! Honestly, even if you don't have children or your children are grown, you can also use this for your own personal reflection - the mask itself is really lovely <3 

I hope you fall in love with this creation; my heart has needed it to exist for a long time. I sourced as much as I could locally: the honey, logo art, mask mixing bowl and labels were all created locally, and a local clinical herbalist infused the honey and oats. 

Parent and child can take turns mixing the honey and the oats in the mask mixing bowl as desired. We recommend a 2:1 ratio of honey to oats, but you can play around and find the consistency you like.

IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING: For external use only. Do not consume, despite it smelling delicious! Honey should not be used around babies under a year. Although the ingredients used are incredibly gentle, you should always patch test on children before applying all over. If skin irritation or any other adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use and seek prompt medical attention. Do not use if you or your little one have allergies to any of the ingredients or close relatives to any of the plants used.

Petal Honey - raw maryland honey infused with organic rose petals and organic calendula flowers. 

Herbal Oats - certified organic oat flour, organic plantain,