The Beautiful Oil

Kjaer Weis

Why We Love The Beautiful Oil

-Transform your skin with a beauty oil unrivaled in purity and potency.

-The Beautiful Oil from Kjaer Weis features Dioscorea Batatas, a biodynamically grown root known as the “Root of Light”. Prized since ancient times for its healing and energetic properties, The Beautiful Oil optimally harnesses this delicate ingredient through a patented harvesting method innovated by the Kjaer Weis development team in Italy.

-Blended with highly active oils, this certified organic formula penetrates skin  for a smooth, luminous complexion, while blemish-fighting jojoba seed and rosemary oils create transformative benefits for even problem skin types.

-The generously sized quantity is preserved using rosemary and green tea, so you can savor this sensual elixir for up to a year after opening.