• Ylang & Sandalwood Perfume
  • Ylang & Sandalwood Perfume
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Ylang & Sandalwood Perfume

$ 24.00

Why We Love Ylang & Sandalwood Perfume
-A luxurious tapestry of true Indian sandalwood, lush floral notes of ylang and jasmine harmoniously blended to create a composition of sumptuous warmth and earthy complexity. 
-Seductive and grounding, this is a modern twist on a classic earthy scent
-Perfect perfume size for travel - it fits perfectly in the smallest of toiletry bags
To use
Apply a small amount to wrists or neck. 

Fractionated coconut oil, sandalwood, ylang, jasmine absolute, ho wood oil, lemon peel oil, vanilla absolute, petitigrain, geranium, davana flower