June 13, 2018

Natural SPF Sun Protection, Every Day



It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year: Summer! From beaches to BBQs, you’re outside enjoying the sunshine more than usual. It’s vital that we protect our skin while kicking up our feet with healthy SPF- and we’ve got natural, organic sun protection for all of your summer fun.

Unlike many widely available SPF products, our sunscreen options are made with minerals – primarily zinc oxide – and are considered physical or barrier sunscreens since they sit on the skin and create a physical barrier that reflects sun’s rays. Physical sunscreen is different from what is commonly referred to as “chemical sunscreen.” Chemical sunscreens (with active ingredients like avobenzene) are  absorbed into the skin and then process and convert the sun’s rays.  Chemical sunscreens can take up to 20 minutes to become effective, and have been known to cause breakouts. Physical sunscreens are effective immediately! Plus, all of our sunscreens at Take Care are reef-friendly.

Whichever SPF you choose, it’s important to remember these sunscreen tips:

  • All sunscreens need to be reapplied every 2 hours, and after sweating, swimming or toweling off. So many people get burned because they forget to reapply!
  • Don’t miss those hard to remember areas like the back of your neck, ears, eyelids and lips.
  • Our chests and hands seem to age faster than the rest of our skin but that’s because they are constantly exposed to the sun! Remember to apply to your chest and hands, too.
  • Something many people don’t realize is sunscreens expire. Pay careful attention to the expiration date. If you’ve had the bottle for more than a year, it’s time for a new one!

No matter how you celebrate summer, our natural, organic physical sunscreen options have you covered:


suntegrity Lip CPR SPF 30 Lipstick