July 20, 2018

Inspired: An Interview with Tammy Fender, Founder of Tammy Fender



Tammy Fender is one of our all-time favorite holistic brands, with beautiful, natural and organic skincare formulations. She believes that beauty starts from within and her roots as an aesthetician have helped craft her wellness-based approach. We’re so grateful to Tammy, who spoke with us recently about her beloved collection, tips for seasonal changes and even her favorite ingredients. Ps: receive a deluxe sample size of Epi Peel and Intensive Repair Balm with any $100+ Tammy Fender order! No code needed!


Where is your personal passion for a plant centered skincare collection from? What is at the very root (no pun intended) of your story?

I’ve felt a connection to the plant kingdom and to caring for others for as long as I can remember, but when I began working as an aesthetician some 25 years ago I searched for natural, plant-based skincare products that were elegant enough, refined and pure enough to use with my clients and they didn’t exist. For me, luxury is purity, and I poured my passion into creating the most exquisite botanical blends, those that convey the incredible healing energy of nature’s most powerful healers.

Describe your approach to skincare. Share with us your vision for what skincare can be and how your collection moves beyond simply washing your face and applying moisturizer.

My philosophy is holistic, and I believe that wellness is all encompassing, and includes physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. My formulas are designed to work on all of those levels, supporting healing and balance overall through those interconnections.

In the same way, I know that what we put onto the skin and what we eat can have profound effects on our overall sense of happiness, and in that beautiful healthy glow that shines through the skin. I’ve seen clients thrive when treating the skin with pure, natural remedies and living a simple, holistic lifestyle. It’s not complex—it’s all about simplifying your routine, and living more closely to our natural state.



Seasonal skincare is real! What do your clients experience when summer arrives? It seems so far away now but winter is really challenging for skincare issues – how can we make more proactive transitions instead of reacting to sudden weather changes?

My clients are constant travelers and are spread out across the globe, so they are constantly facing environmental changes that can challenge the skin. For me, restoring the underlying foundations of a healthy immune system, and utterly protecting skin from the elements, builds resiliency, allowing us to flow from one situation to another with ease.

We are in DC, which is known for its high stress, always on work ethic. What product from your collection is your favorite for transforming a simple skincare routine into an immersive experience?

Twice a week I love to indulge skin with an at-home double-mask treatment. Epi-Peel, my clay-based micro-exfoliating mask with Spearmint and Rosemary, draws out impurities, binding and eliminating environmental stressors but, and this is so important, without over-stripping the skin. Then, it is so good to follow either with Purifying Luculent Masque, which detoxifies and clarifies skin, or Restorative Radiance Masque, which brings together majestic blend of Lotus, Jasmine and Baobab, to support cellular regeneration, elasticity and resilience. If you can, it’s great to take a moment just to relax for 10 minutes without checking your phone or getting on the computer. It’s simple, beautiful self-care.



I know this is an impossible question but what is your favorite ingredient? Why do you love it so much and which products do you use it in? Also, what is one ingredient you are intrigued by but haven’t gotten a chance to use yet in a formulation?

That is so impossible! But I do truly love pure essence of Bulgarian Rose, which is at the core of my floral toner Bulgarian Rose Water and Quintessential Serum, my ultra-nutritive face oil blend. The depth of healing found within Rose is legendary, providing nutritive support in so many different ways.



Something I adore about your collection is that it is gentle and does not strip the skin – even the purifying products! How do you find that balance and why is it important?

Thank you! The skin’s natural protective barrier offers incredible defense against environmental antagonists. While cleansing away any surface impurities, and offering the skin a chance to detox is so important, its natural barrier actually keeps out many pathogens. That said, it’s beautiful to gently stimulate cellular renewal at the surface with micro-exfoliation, for example, encouraging growth and that fresh glow.

Is there anything you hoped I’d ask but didn’t? Or anything I’m missing? Thank you!

When people first become interested in treating their skin more naturally, they often wonder about the efficacy of natural products. I can attest that plant-based, all natural skincare formulas really do build wellness and glowing good health from the inside out, but that also when we take this approach we work at nature’s rhythm, and the body’s timetable. For some, results will be immediately discernible—and most people do notice a change that quickly. For others, taking a natural approach could mean allowing 6 weeks to reach certain goals. However the benefits are so much different than those received through quick-fix care. It’s lasting, healthy wellness.


Thank you, Tammy! Shop our Tammy Fender collection here!