January 30, 2017

Top 3 Reasons You Should Attend a Pro Makeup Class


We’re getting ready to host our third makeup class with local makeup artist Suz Eden, also lovingly known as The Makeup Teacher. Maybe you have seen our posts about the class and thought, “Why would I pay for someone to show me how to put on makeup?” Well, here are our top 3 reasons:

#1: Suz is a makeup pro who is also a former teacher. That means she is patient and excited to help you understand exactly what you need to do to master a look. Plus, I’m on hand to help you address skin/skincare issues that may be detracting from your makeup application experience. For example, maybe you have dry skin and keep applying serum but you’re skin is still dry — and it makes your foundation look flakey and cakey. We can work together to find the best course of action in real time.

#2: All of the materials for the makeup look and skin prep are provided, which means you get to try products before you buy. Additionally, you don’t have to bring much of anything with you, like brushes or your own product (we do ask that you bring your mascara and eyelash curler if you use one).

#3: You can learn makeup techniques and advice in a small, nonjudgmental environment. Instead of propping you up in a big plastic chair in the middle of a department store, the experience is more intimate and welcoming, with a handful of other women who are there for the same reasons you are. Better yet, your teacher is trained to help you learn the tools you need to feel confident in your makeup application, instead of quickly trying to sell you makeup you don’t need, want, or understand how to use.

Bonus reason: we give you yummy snacks and exclusive promotions just for class attendees 🙂 If you still need convincing, check out this testimonial from one of Suz’s Holiday Glam class attendees:

I went to Suzanne’s make-up class in December really needing a tune-up in the way I did my make-up after years and years of doing the same thing.  Turns out, there’s new fresh tips for getting the glow you want in a natural way, especially during winter!! I learned with just a few simple tweaks from Suzanne’s class that I can prevent the uneven pasty look and can have a fresh face all year around. Suzanne’s class is worth it and then some!! It’s always great to have a refresher course in something you “thought” you were doing right the whole time.  Not to mention, getting information on new green makeup products was a plus!!