Who We Are

Becky Waddell

becky waddell, founder

Take Care Founder, Becky Waddell, created Take Care after seeing a need for a healthy skincare and lifestyle community in Washington, DC. A devoted plant-based lifestyle follower for many years, she found DC (and the marketplace in general) to be missing a thoughtful place that celebrated independent and plant-based skincare + beauty. Out of a personal passion for skincare, and training in biology and community engagement, she created an intimate collection in a small studio off the beaten track while working full time. There, she discovered that her clients were seeking something different: a personal, compassionate experience that flipped the script on beauty buying from "You need this to look beautiful," to "You are lovely just as you are, and these products are here to help you reconnect with yourself and achieve your skincare dreams."

Beyond finding products that work with incredibly nourish ingredients, Becky found that two worlds were beginning to merge: beauty and wellness. Thrilled at the prospect of re-claiming our personal care routines as opportunities for quiet moments, self reflection, and even meditation, she knew it was time to say goodbye to her humble studio and create a wellness space that stressed out, busy, passionate, active DC dwellers truly needed. Enter Take Care.

Take Care's first brick and mortar shop is dedicated to offering a soothing, beautiful and engaging space for exploring natural skincare and lifestyle goods. Beyond products, the space was created with events - from brand founder meet and greets, to yoga classes, master classes, and more - in mind. It is truly a community space for you to connect and explore, while also being able to work with a knowledgable and kind team made of women who are committed to helping their community find the best, most effective products for face, body, home and soul <3


savannah kilpatrick, general manager

Savannah Kilpatrick is Take Care's General Manager.

She developed her love for a plant-based lifestyle as a child. As a young adult, she realized the importance of a natural, plant-based skincare routine - not just a healthy diet. She enjoys connecting Take Care and its mission with the community as a way to introduce a natural way of life, free of not-so-good-for-you ingredients and full of ingredients that nourish your skin, overall health, and life.

Originally from Alabama, Savannah currently lives in DC with her husband, Austin, and their dog children, Toby and Zero. While living in the South, in her past life, she was a wedding planner, event stylist, and floral designer.