Introducing Drifter Organics Body Butters

It's a challenge to find vegan body butters, so when Drifter Organics reached out, my interest was piqued! After enjoying a jar of the Basic Balm on my growing pregnant belly, I fell in love and knew I wanted to add them to the Be Clean family. my favorite thing about these butters is how protective they feel sans the greasy heaviness that often accompanies butters. But, I'll leave it up to founders Micaela and Dawn Marie to share the Drifter Organic story... -Becky


1. Why did you create Drifter Organics? What made you want to work on vegan body balms in specific?

Drifter Organics started with me (Micaela). You see, I've had eczema all my life—as in I remember coming home from preschool with bloody hands because the skin on my hands was so irritated, I would literally rub them on the rug in the classroom to relieve the itchiness. Sometimes I’d wear gloves at night to prevent myself from scratching. My mom would take me to the pediatrician, who’d prescribe me some steroid-laden ointment to apply on my skin. After a few days, like magic, my eczema would clear up—but it would always come back. 
Along with my eczema, I’ve always had digestive issues. In 2014, when I was 20, I saw a nutritionist, who gave me a skin patch test. I was diagnosed with leaky gut caused by what was suspected to be Celiac disease, but ended up being dysbiosis—an imbalance between the good and bad bacteria in the gut. Even though I'd always been a healthy eater, I had to temporarily eliminate a lot of foods from my diet, which meant revamping my entire skincare regimen. I had to abstain from a lot of nutritious foods that are commonly found in natural skincare—citrus, black pepper, and spinach, to name a few—to heal my gut, which severely limited my options of what was on the market. With the amount of time my mom and I invested into finding suitable skincare options for me, we decided to make them ourselves. If I had difficulty finding skincare I could use, we figured others must be in the same situation—especially with food allergies being on the rise—so why not create a safe alternative for everyone?
My skin tends to run dry, so we needed to create something with enough oomph to lock in moisture and deeply penetrate the skin. Body butters were versatile and seemed like the best option. You can make so many variations by simply changing the scent by changing the blend of essential oils. We wanted to appeal to all audiences, so we chose to create our skincare free of animal products and animal testing.
2. What is your favorite ingredient in your balms? 
The essential oils! It's what scents our body butters (except for Basic, which is unscented and contains no essential oils) and really makes each one special. Each scent has its own personality and it's really fun to see which scents people are drawn to.
3. How do you think natural skincare relates to overall wellness and self care? 
Natural skincare is an integral part of the whole wellness package. When people want to get healthy, the first things they think of are diet and exercise. While those play a huge role in getting healthy, people forget about what they're feeding their skin. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and absorbs everything we put on it. A lot of skincare products contain synthetic ingredients we would never want to eat! If we wouldn't eat something, then why would we feed it to our skin, ultimately letting it absorb into our body?
4. What is your favorite self care practice? 
Sleep! We've both always been blessed with zero sleep problems. No matter how crazy life gets, we never skimp on sleep. We're the type of people that need at least eight hours to function properly. It's one of the most simple self care practices that tends to get pushed to the side.
5. Do you have any special tips or tricks for your balms? Uses that most people wouldn't think of? 
We like to use them right after we come out of the shower because they glide on the skin very smoothly. It's such a luxurious treat for the skin. People always ask us if they can use the body butters on their face, as well as their hands and body. The answer is yes! They are body butters, meaning you can use them on any part of your body: hands, feet, arms, stomach, face, legs, booty, etc.! Just don't use as much on your face since the skin on your face is more delicate than on any other part of your body. If you're really worried about reacting to the body butters, try just a small amount on yourself, and if no reaction occurs, you can try more. We do offer Basic, an unscented body butter, if you don't want the essential oils.
6. Anything else you'd like to share?? 
Always investigate! When buying natural skincare, a lot of companies try to make their products appear more clean than they actually are. They do this by using handmade-looking labels to make you think they products are small-batch, natural, and good for you, but the ingredients list reveals all. Remember, in the US, skincare is unregulated, which means anyone can call their products "natural." This is unfortunate because it's hard to know who you can trust. It's important to see if a company that claims its products to be certain things has the certifications to back it up.

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