The Spa at Take Care

Our philosophy for caring for our clients is grounded in three areas of focus: listening, curating, and working together for long term success. More specifically, we carefully listen to clients needs, concerns and goals to curate an esthetic and massage experience that genuinely serves them. Knowing that client success happens largely outside the treatment room, our estheticians and massage therapists carefully work with clients to craft a home care plan that reflects all the above in order to achieve and maintain results between treatments.

Facials. Our facials practice is an extension of our intimate and thoughtful approach to skin health at the shop. Our talented team of estheticians are dedicated to helping you achieve nourished, glowing skin through customized facials with green beauty's most innovative brands and today's most sought after techniques, including gua sha, manual lymphatic drainage, hydrodermabrasion and microcurrent.

Massage. Our approach to massage therapy speaks to our desire to help clients achieve their most important physical wellness goals and needs while also offering space that allows them to effortlessly unwind. Whether clients are seeking to address chronic conditions, the physical manifestation of stress (ie tension) or simply to relax, our massage therapy offering aims to create an ideal environment for taking care.

Healing. Our energy healing offering aims to compassionately hold space for clients as they work through the emotional and energetic blocks they experience. Through reiki, sound therapy and crystals, we create a harmonious environment for energetic healing.        




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