Our Service Providers


Erin - Master Esthetician
Erin has a passion for therapeutic touch. A former nurse, she found her passion in helping people heal their skin and became an esthetician. The foundation of her approach to skincare is rooted in the understanding that the skin is a reflection of one's overall health and wellbeing. She tailors each service to the individual's specific needs by using products and processes that rebuild and repair. A lifelong proponent of healing touch, she is Gua Sha certified by Cecily Braden and she loves facial massage to reveal skin's natural radiance. Most importantly, she seeks to remind individuals that self-care is not selfish but an act of love necessary for total health.


Heather - Master Esthetician
Heather is Take Care's Lead Esthetician. Starting her esthetics practice in 2013, Heather became a licensed Master Esthetician and has long held a passion for skincare and the ever-evolving self-care industry. Her interest in the field was initially driven by her desire to have a better grasp on how her own skin communicates its needs and learning what that looks like through different seasons of life. Understanding the toll that living in a fast-paced and demanding city can bring, not only to one's skin but also their mentality, Heather hopes to create an atmosphere that allows her clients to walk away from a service feeling a little less overwhelmed and a little more excited about implementing new ways to take time and care for themselves.


Kamiyah - Master Esthetician
Kamiyah is a passionate esthetician committed to helping others find skincare solutions after experiencing her own challenging skin issues. She believes in the power of holistic skincare, and also expanded her education and training to become a Master Esthetician. She now combines her training in medical esthetics with her passion for botanicals to create a healing space for clients that is both holistic and corrective when needed. Her mission as an esthetician has always been deeper than skin -- she strongly believes skin is a reflection from within. Her esthetics path has also inspired her to expand her wellness horizons and she is currently studying to become a Registered Nurse. At Take Care, Kamiyah focuses on microdermabrasion and gentle chemical peels. 


Mercedes - Esthetician
Mercedes has a gentle yet corrective approach to skincare. She leads with a meditative aura and believes that skincare should be therapeutic. Mercedes aims not only to renew the skin, but to renew the mind. In addition to her exposure to medicinal and holistic skin care practices, she cultivated her unique approach to skincare through her personal experience with sensitive acne prone skin. Mercedes is results driven and passionate about helping others achieve their skin care and self care goals.


Abby - Massage Therapist
Abby is a Licensed Massage Therapist who specializes in Swedish, deep tissue,myo-fasical release, pre/post natal, cupping, and Gua Sha. She began her holistic journey years ago when working as a chiropractic assistant and wanted to become more hands on with the healing of others. Abby went to massage therapy school at the Colorado School of Healing Arts and found a deeper connection to the body, mind, and spirit. With a background in exercise science, love of anatomy, and her spirtual practice, massage therapy is the perfect outlet. Outside of massage, Abby loves spending time with her dog, hiking, writing, listening to music, and mushroom hunting.


Jackie - Master Esthetician 
Jackie is a master esthetician and has been in the skin care industry since 2002. She is knowledgeable in a wide variety of modalities, from Ayurvedic botanicals to prescriptions strength therapies. She uses an artful approach to customizing treatment plans, and home care selections for her clients. She considers an individuals sensitivities while achieving maximal results. Jackie‘s skin philosophy is “It’s important to understand the whole person when choosing skin care, as our lifestyle and wellness are usually reflected on our skin.”


Carolyn - Master Esthetician and Reiki Master
Carolyn Laura is a Master Esthetician, Reiki Master, and high profile makeup artist of 22+ years. She is the owner of a Bridal Beauty Agency in DC and has been a makeup artist for national news for over 10 years. She taught holistic facials at Aveda for many years, along with doing advanced anti aging facials in med spas during the course of her career. She is offering a signature Rose Quartz Reiki Facial to restore the glow on your face and in your heart. With her background in natural beauty, she is an expert at natural brow design for a subtle lift effect. With her expertise in skincare, energy healing and makeup artistry, Carolyn has become a trusted professional in the industry. Her passion for empowering individuals and enhancing their inner and outer beauty shines through in her work.


Dinah - Reiki Master
Dinah wholeheartedly embraces holistic and energetic healing, and her unwavering commitment flows from her own life’s journey through its formidable challenges. She embarked on this transformative path thanks to the powerful healing of Sound therapy, Meditation, and Reiki. Dinah understands the ups and downs of life, and her mission is to share the gift of peace, self-discovery, and well-being that these practices have brought into her own life. Combining these ancient modalities, Dinah addresses the stress, distractions, and disconnection to ourselves and each other in the busyness of our modern times. Her sessions not only leave you feeling physically revitalized but also emotionally nourished and spiritually rejuvenated.