Makeup Bag Makeover

Ready to swap out your existing makeup but need help making the natural beauty switch? Book a Makeup Bag Makeover appointment for a one-on-one consultation with a Take Care beauty guru. Bring your makeup bag and we’ll help you build a non-toxic cosmetics collection that is tailored to your needs, lifestyle and skin type. Book Here.

Fall Skincare Consult

Are you looking for a customized skincare consultation with one-on-one attention? Book our Private Skincare Consult to work with a member of the Take Care team to find a routine suited to your needs and goals. This type of appointment is best for someone who has lots of questions, ingredient allergies, or any other concerns that might require more time than a quick visit to the shop. Book Here.

Busy Mama Consult

If you’re a busy mama who needs help finding the right skincare and makeup routine, then this is the consult for you! In this consult we help you find multi-tasking products that will make you feel bright and fresh in just a few minutes – no over the top, time intensive routines – we promise! Book Here.

Men’s Grooming Consult

This consult is for our male clients who need assistance identifying which products are best for their skin type and facial care needs. We discuss existing skin issues (top issues are usually dryness and irritation after shaving, ingrown hairs, and itchy beards) so you can feel confident in your skin. Book Here.

Long Distance Skincare Consult

Need help transforming your skincare routine with natural products but don't live near a natural skincare shop? Book a Long Distance Skincare Consult with Take for a personalized curation of skincare products. Once your appointment is confirmed, we will email you with a form to complete. You can elect to have a phone call with our team, or simply submit your form and we will follow up within 48 hours (usually sooner) with a personalized collection recommendation. Book Here.