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Keep me sweat free and smelling nice for the day! It’s the only deodorant that works for me, and is clean.

Why We Love Nala Free-From Deodorant

Nala is a free-from beauty line that marries science with nature, provides high quality, effective products, and encourages deep self care.

Free-from means Nala products will always be free from the worst offenders in the cosmetic world.

At the most literal level, all Nala products are absent of the laundry list of toxic ingredients found in conventional cosmetics. When you choose a Nala product, you can be certain you’re choosing a solution that will not damage your health.


  • Nourishes, moisturizes, and repairs the underarm
  • Easy and smooth application
  • No Residue
  • Glides on clear
  • Doesn't darken underarms
  • Doesn't stain shirts
  • A little goes a long way. 2 swipes is all it takes. In the beginning reapply as necessary.
  • One stick lasts on average 3-6 months with daily use
  • 90%+ organic ingredients
  • Vegan

Scent Descriptions:

Peppermint & Activated Charcoal - Gentle StrengthAn effective formula that is both refreshing and eliminating. Neutralize odour and wetness naturally with the pairing of energizing peppermint and detoxing charcoal.

Lemon Myrtle & Geranium
- Regular StrengthGentle hues of sundrenched lemons meet a hint of rose scent for a perfectly delicate and refreshing pairing.

Sandalwood & Bergamot
- Extra StrengthSandalwood, the smoothest of all of the wood notes and reminiscent of freshly chopped wood meets sweet citrus hued bergamot for a healthy, refreshing and healing combination.

Essence of Rosewood 
- Extra StrengthImagine a wood smelling rose that's more wood than rose and you can begin to appreciate one of the most complex scents in perfumery.

Spearmint & Lime - Extra Strength - Inspired by the feeling of relaxation that comes with drinking a refreshing mint & lime mojito on a sunny day.

Coastal Waters - Extra Strength - A rugged but energizing blend of natural elements, this deodorant embodies life by the ocean. A heavier, woody scent that comes from Frankincense essential oil is balanced with lighter hints of citrus and swirls of fresh mint. The final touch in this blend is a hint of salt, reminiscent of a cool, ocean breeze.