Unburden Serum: Deep Tranquility

Laurel Organics

Why We Love Laurel's Unburden Serum

  • Developed using a whole plant blend to reduce inflammation, soothe dry patches and treat broken capillaries
  • Works to reduce inflammation so that skin may function at it's optimal health
  • Serves as a treatment serum and moisturizer
  • Ideal for sensitive, cystic acne and rosacea prone skin types

How To Use

Put 3-5 drops onto fingertips and press onto clean face and neck. Apply Elixir first for hydration, followed by Serum and then Balm. This product works as a treatment serum and a moisturizer.


Jojoba Oil˚, Evening Primrose Oil˚, Pomegranate Oil˚, Almond Oil˚, Rosehip Fruit + Seed Oil˚, Borage Seed Oil˚, Olive Oil˚, Red Raspberry Seed Oil˚, Chia Seed Oil˚, Tamanu Oil˚, Cranberry Seed Oil˚, Sea Buckthorn Fruit + Seed Oil˚, Rosemary Extract˚; House Made Whole Plant Extracts of Baical Skullcap˚, Licorice Root˚, Marshmallow Root˚, Calendula˚, Astragalus˚, Chamomile˚, Gotu Kola˚, Comfrey˚, Lavender˚, Nettle˚; Essential Oils of Helichrysum˚, Myrrh˚, Lemon Balm˚, Roman Chamomile˚, German Chamomile˚ ˚signifies certified organic ingredient


Customer Reviews

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Rachel Rogier
Nice hydrating oil, not a serum

Has a bit of an essential oil fragrance but I didn’t hate the smell and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Is a nice final layer in my routine that I use over my moisturizer to lock in the moisture. It helped when my skin was going through an irritated and inflamed state a few weeks ago.

I think it should be called a face oil instead of a serum, but that’s my only issue with the product!