Nutrient Day Cream

Josh Rosebrook

Why We Love Nutrient Day Cream
-SPF 30 sun protection from non-nano particle zinc oxide
-Lightweight, non-chalky formula sinks in like no other sun protection formula!
-Superior moisture from aloe, shea, evening primrose, almond oil and others
-Absorbs into skin easily


How To Use

For full protection apply 1/4 tsp to face. Reapply every 2 hours and after perspiration. Avoid rubbing or touching the face, especially while perspiration is present, as the product/protection can be removed from the face.


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Customer Reviews

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Emilia Ferrara
best spf

this cream sometimes acts as moisturizer + spf for me (on a day I'm feeling particularly well hydrated) and sometimes I add a light moisturizer underneath. Either way, it is THE BEST spf. Not too sticky, comes out white but blends seamlessly into skin, zero ghost effect. I love that the untainted version leaves no residue on face masks. On a great skin day when I feel like no makeup is necessary, I cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and then this is my top layers. Small enough to toss in your bag if you feel like you need an SPF touchup later on in the day. So gentle, great for sensitive skin, no scent... use it all the time!