June 25, 2018

Founder Favorites: New Mom Beauty & Skincare




What a year! I cannot believe Lily is officially a toddler – can you? When we opened up our doors, she was a delicate two month old baby girl who happily slept through skincare and makeup consults. Fast forward a few months and now she is a bold, friendly, energetic little girl who is walking and almost talking – I’m so proud of who she is becoming! She is also quite opinionated and we have both identified some favorite products for mama and baby.

Let’s start with my favorite picks for new mom beauty & skincare!

1. Nipple Balm

One of the first things I learned about new mom beauty & skincare – if you plan on breast feeding, please err on the side of being over prepared because the last thing you want is cranky nipples and no balm. Trust me. Nursing is so special – it is also a major departure from how your nipples typically interact with the world and they may need some extra TLC. My two favorites were: 1. Nipple Balm by Motherlove Organics, because it is soft and nourishing, and I swore by the healing power of their special herbal infusion. 2. Zoe Organics Nipple Balm because it was thick and protective, and helped protect from the cruel elements (i.e., the AC, the refrigerator, fabric… you know, basically everything). That’s right, I used two, and often combined them because of their different strengths. I also adore Erbaviva’s Nursing Balm – it is dense and rich, and it smells so sweetly of chamomile that I’d wear it as a perfume if I could.





2. Koko’s Nest Blanket

I can’t describe how much I adore Koko’s Nest blankets. They are mama-owned and based in the DC-area, and hand crafted in Texas. The minimalist design and quality fibers make for a snuggly cotton blanket with the perfect drape for quiet cuddles, stroller expeditions and everything in between. The best part? They hold up in the washer and dryer, unlike so many other baby blankets. I love ours!


5. Aster + Bay Dry Shampoo

Those treasured first few days and weeks are a blur and sometimes you either can’t find time to shower or simply don’t want to – a whole new meaning of new mom beauty & skincare! This dry shampoo helped me feel fresher and put together, and the tea tree oil helped normalize my scalp.




6. Gressa Foundation

I will profess my love for Gressa forever! This serum foundation neutralizes redness, provides sheer to full coverage and imparts the dewiest glow without leaving my skin feeling oily and made up. Paired with the Air Focus Brush and the Gressa Lumiere on my cheeks + lips, I had a fresh face in about 60 seconds – perfect for when the parents want to take you out to dinner and you haven’t, ahem, showered or left the house in several days 🙂




7. Meow Meow Tweet Stick Deodorant (Eucalyptus Lemon)

Did anyone tell you that your body odors may change after giving birth? Mine definitely did! I will forever be grateful to Meow Meow Tweet for this deodorant, which seemed to be the most effective at neutralizing my underarm odor and wetness. If you’re not sure about natural deodorant or are concerned about what will work best for you, try our natural deodorant starter kit!





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