Daily Acid Toner

Josh Rosebrook

Why We Love Josh Rosebrook's Daily Acid Toner

  • Daily Acid Toner is a multi-benefit, exfoliating, brightening, pH balancing, and skin toning treatment that works to visibly improve aging, damaged skin, help slow skin deterioration, and improve skin texture and structure

  • This luxurious facial acid toner helps resurface, soften, and firm skin while working to support collagen production and considerably increase skin hydration

  • Daily Acid Toner brings forth true innovation in effective acid toning for all skin types with a unique combination of acids in a base of rich, in-house made whole-plant extracts, micronutrient-dense clay minerals, protective and regenerating algae, and hydrating aloe juice

How To Use

After cleansing with Complete Moisture Cleanse apply a nickel-size amount to a cotton round and spread evenly and gently over face. 


For current ingredient information, please contact the shop at hello@takecareshopdc.com.