Jojoba Eye Pencil

Ere Perez

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Natural, Smudge Free, Beautiful

Perfect natural looking eye pencil from natural ingredients. Makes eyes look naturally, subtly beautiful. I wear contact lenses and wearing the eyeliner on my inner eyelids does not blur my vision like most other eyeliners. I have the color “Stone,” and it is absolutely perfect. Everything about this eyeliner and brand is ideal.

Why We Love Jojoba Eye Pencil

-Soft natural eyeliner pencil.

-A soothing formulation of oils including jojoba, known to nourish your skin and condition your lash.

-Gentle on eyes, suitable for sensitivities. Frame eyes or smudge for a smoky look.

Shade descriptions:

Stone - shimmery slate grey
Gold - golden shimmer
Forest - soft deep green
Earth - rich brown
Black - natural black
Copper - metallic copper-red
Clay - light milk chocolate
Bronze - molten bronze
Agate - dark amethyst shimmer
Opal - midnight blue
Gem - lilac haze
Oro - 24k gold
Cerulean - sky blue