Manual Lymphatic Drainage Training Session

Take Care

Our esthetician Erin recently completed her training in face Manual Lymphatic Drainage with an amazing leader in the field. We are thrilled to be offering this new technique - we need 10 "models" to perfect our experience and technique. We will offer this service at a deep discount - 45 minutes of MLD and a mini facial treatment will be $100 before we transition to standard pricing. This is first come first served, and you purchase your treatment up front on this page by selecting your time and date as the "variant" for this product listing. 

This service is performed dry and is not a massage. It is not like gua sha in experience - there are no tools except her hands. It involves light intentional touch over the lymph pathways. Gloves cannot be worn, but a mask will be worn.  

It is not appropriate for anyone experiencing:

Acute or current infection
Thrombosis (blood clot)
Congestive heart failure
Hyperactive thyroid

After receiving the treatment you must avoid the following for 24 hours
Extreme exercise
Anything that increases blood pressure

If you have any questions about this service please email  



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