Free-From Deodorant


Why We Love Nala Free-From Deodorant

-Nala is a free-from beauty line that marries science with nature, provides high quality, effective products, and encourages deep self care.

-Free-from means Nala products will always be free from the worst offenders in the cosmetic world.

-At the most literal level, all Nala products are absent of the laundry list of toxic ingredients found in conventional cosmetics. When you choose a Nala product, you can be certain you’re choosing a solution that will not damage your health.

Peppermint & Activated Charcoal - Gentle Strength 
Lemon Myrtle & Geranium -
Regular Strength
Sandalwood & Bergamot -
Extra Strength
Coastal Waters - Extra Strength - A heavier, woody scent that comes from Frankincense essential oil is balanced with lighter hints of citrus and swirls of fresh mint. The final touch in this blend is a hint of salt, reminiscent of a cool, ocean breeze. 



How To Use

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