Introducing Manasi7

I am thrilled to have this beautiful, multi-tasking makeup collection back in the shop. As fall approaches, the desire to reintroduce makeup and fun pops of color seems to be increasing - and this collection makes it a snap to achieve a cheerful fall look. I asked Manasi's founder Susanne Manasi Persson a few questions so you can learn more about how this collection came to be. Give it a read and watch my IGTV here!

Find our full Manasi7 collection here!

Take Care: What stands out about your collection - what are the top three things that make it special? 

Susanne: The collection is minimalistic, multifunctional and mixable and that is by definition sustainable. I use naturally derived and organic ingredients that are beneficial for the skin without compromising with the intended performance or desired effect.

I believe that our Declaration of 7 is one of the things that really differentiates us from other beauty brands. It is the foundation of our values, our vision, our responsibilities and our core building blocks. It includes our criteria for uncompromising quality and is based on my experience and knowledge as a makeup artist, as well as personal values. The collection consists of my own created "selection" of textures and shades that I believe are the best ones to suit all.

The textures are highly pigmented and buildable; dabbed gently you will achieve a subtle and natural result and if layered you can easily create a bold statement look.  We cater to all skin tones and the shade range can be endless. Our complexion products are made to be customized into your own desired coverage and finish as well as to match your skin tone perfectly. Our colour products can either be used by themselves or mixed and matched to create your custom shades of preference. Don’t let the bold colours be intimidating, they work wonders on deeper skin tones.

Take Care: Do you have any application tips? 

Susanne: You can use fingers, brushes or sponges. For the All Over Colours I like to use fingers when applying them on cheeks and eyes, and a lip brush when applying on lips (if I am not dabbing). You can use a flat paddle foundation brush for applying on cheeks, and a flat concealer brush for applying on eyelids. You an also use a sponge to apply it on cheeks.

The Strobelighter/Bronzelighter is best applied with fingers or a brush, and I usually like to blend it out very well.

Take Care: How can we "cocktail" the products to make our own custom colors? Do you have a favorite color combo? 
Susanne: The creativity is endless. For this fall I have the most beautiful taupe shade that can be created by mixing equal parts of All over colour Mangosteen and Chamoisee. If you want a neutral medium brown shade All over colour Kobicha mixed with Manketti is a beautiful combination aswell. Some of my other favourite product for mixing is our All over shine Cristallo which I mix with any All over colour, Strobelighter, Bronzelighter and Skin enhancers to get them more dewy/glowy.
Take Care: Which shade is your fave for fall? 

Susanne: At the moment my favorite of the All over colors are Kuranberi for this fall, but I am also launching new shade late September which will definitely be a new favourite.
Take Care: The collection is so multi-purpose. Did you do that with intention? Tell us why!

Susanne: Yes, it was one of the ideas I had when I wanted to create Manasi 7. As a professional makeup artist you always try to have as few products as possible in your kit, but at the same time be able to create any look, for any occasion on any skin tone. So the idea was for me to create a collection where I can offer those curated timeless and perfect shades and textures from my experience as a makeup artist that you can mix and match as well as use in many different ways.