Take Care Fresh Start - Day 2

Day 2: Making Space

Mental and emotional space were the focus of Day 1. Day 2 is all about physical space, recognizing that making your personal care spaces how you *want* them will better facilitate your routines and create a sense of peace each time you enter them.

Now that you have cleaned out the product clutter and pared down your personal care routine to those items you really love or always use, it's time to decide how to organize and display them. Maybe you love to show off your products and want to see them lined up on your counter every day, or maybe you'd prefer to tuck them away and leave your surfaces open for a vase and flowers. Is this the day you decide you want to create a special area just for makeup near a window with more natural light?  

It's completely up to you; today is all about creating the best space for you to prepare for and wrap up your days.

With that in mind, you may have more than one area to design. Bathroom, bedside, shower... these are all physical spaces where you engage in your routine and your goal is to make them intentional and enjoyable for their purposes. 

A few ways I like to keep my wellness spaces feeling accessible and not a source of stress include: 

-Using plants and crystals to warm up a space... huge surprise, right? 
-Keeping the bare essentials on display and tucking the rest away
-Sticking to a theme of neutral colors, or sticking within one or two colors
-Using a plate to organize small items
-Using books to create height (and hopefully encourage me to read before bed!)
-Accepting empty space! Not every nook needs to be designed or decor-ed
-Symmetry - this is my husband's input and I find it to be very grounding and "orderly" feeling without being rigid

I am sharing a few inspo photos below to get your creative juices flowing. I've also created a Pinterest board with design and organizational ideas. You'll note that this Pinterest board is not as "aspirational" as you might expect, and that's on purpose. You don't need to gut your bathroom and turn it into a spa oasis... there are little and easy ways to make your space delightful for you without spending $50k. That said, if this inspires you to renovate please share the before and afters ;) 

When you're done - and even when you're in the middle of it - please share your experience! The # for this series is #takecarefreshstart. Snap a before and after! Keep in mind that tomorrow is the "wrap up" day where you identify things that need filling in to complete your routine. We will announce promotions tomorrow for anyone who is participating!