Back to School Skincare Routines

This summer was definitely *the summer* for travel. We loved hearing about our customers’ travels near and far - literally between everyone I think Take Care clients traversed the entire globe! But as summer days wane and school + work schedules help us settle back into a routine, I thought we’d share a bit of advice around getting back into your personal care groove. 


Take a moment to reflect on how your skin is in this season. End of summer, perhaps some sun over-exposure? Congestion? Or perhaps dry, from not being in a routine and packing light? Maybe it’s none of the above and you’re skin is totally balanced. Whatever the case may be, taking stock of how your skin is will help you to understand your goals moving into fall.

With that in mind, now is the time to also reflect on where you want your skin to be in the next few months. Naming your goals will help prevent you from purchasing products that you don’t need! Some goals might be brightening sun damage, rehydrating and soothing, clarifying and decongesting - or a combination of these. Also, your goals may be process based; maybe you want a totally immersive skincare experience or the most streamlined routine possible - whatever the goals, we can help!


While of course very optional, starting this process with a facial is a great way to feel like your skin has a fresh start - and have a professional help guide you on your product selection path! We have treatments for everyone and are happy to craft a customized facial just for you.


Based on your skin’s current state and your goals for the upcoming season, it’s time to start crafting a routine that will help your skin shine! A typical skincare routine usually involves three steps: cleanse, tone and moisturize. If you’re a skincare minimalist, start there! But if you’re wanting to dive in and really start with a consistent treatment routine, here’s the order of operations:

1. Cleanser (if double cleansing, start with an oil cleanser, then a cream or gel/foam cleanser)

2. Toner

3. Water based treatment serums like vitamin c, vitamin b, retinol etc

4. Water based moisturizer (creams and lotions)

5. Oil based moisturizers like face oils and balms

6. Sunscreen (daytime only)

7.  Twice a week you can mask and or exfoliate with targeted formulas to help you reach your skin goals. 

As you start to run out of your summer products, replace them with ones that are more aligned with your fall skincare goals. 

Get recommendations 

We definitely recommend booking a consult if you don’t have a sense of where to start! Even a 5, 6 or 7 step routine doesn’t have to take long or be particularly complicated. It’s all about your comfort level, lifestyle, and product types… we can help you craft a routine that will not only work for you, but create wonderful and enjoyable moments in your getting ready and winding down times!

A note on pre-teens and teens

If you have a young person in your family who is looking to get started on a routine, don’t hesitate to bring them by! We are happy to help all folks, whether they’re skincare mavens or totally uninterested, find a routine that works for them!

You can book private consults with me on our spa booking page! We look forward to seeing you in the shop or online and getting your routine refreshed for fall!